Shaman Showdown Global Game Jam 2016
During the Global Game Jam 2016 that I attended in Southampton I joined a small group of people to create a game based upon the theme ‘Ritual’ within only 48 hours.
Throughout the process I completed a range of tasks including 2D sprite art for all the assets in game, Array-based map generation and a small bit of coding for weapons.
The Game is entitled ‘Shaman Showdown’ and its description is as follows:
‘2D side on top down maze arena pitting two teams of two against each other in a fast paced, action packed, ritualistic battle. With a built to purpose game engine, warriors must protect their Shaman whilst collecting items to fuel their Shaman’s power! With the Shaman raining spells upon the enemy, the warrior must attempt to terminate the Shaman foe.’
The Game can be downloaded from the link below but you must ensure you have Visual Studio 2015, to run the game simply open the file within visual studio and select run in the top window.

find out more about the project and the experience here:
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