Public Service Simulator is a Casual Simulation game built for mobile devices based upon the success of the SimCity franchise built within the Unity engine that appeals to a wide range of audiences. While building upon the tried and tested Simulation game Public Service Simulator innovates in a number of key ways.
PSS is a simple mobile game where you take control of the 3 main public services (Police, Fire and rescue) within a city.
You start off the game with £100 and 1 ‘unit’ for each service and the premise of the game is to use the services to complete objectives around the city. Missions are based around each of the public services such as ‘catching a robber’ would be a job for the police.
The more missions you complete the more money you will gain to spend on upgrading and hiring new units for your city, along with raising overall morale of the city itself granting bonuses.
Although the game is available to download it is in a very early state and will be constantly updated and evolved with new UI, missions and animations to create a beautiful yet polished product, stay tuned to learn more about the game and its progress
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