Due to restrictions in place by the contractor few details can be given about this project.
The software itself was built within the Unity engine and used SteamVR's 1.0 plugin to explore natural interaction methods and design new tool sets to reach the clients strict requirements.

A brief overview of some features can be seen below:
The tool is designed to encompass reliability and safety using virtual communications and visualisations.
The software used real world Geo Data to generate a physical terrain.. The user (in this alpha version) has a 25 by 25 kilometre accurate to life map featuring vector data for roads, forestry and buildings and height map data.

The HTC Vive allows complete manoeuvrability across the map via teleportation and zoom functions. It also aides in the immersion of the tool itself.

The tool also features IBM Watson voice integration, calling upon Watson to give voice commands allows the user to use voice recognition to interact with the virtual space whilst keeping the hands free and unencumbered.
From the swipe or click of the thumb to the pull of a trigger, the UI cube is an integral part of the tool. This will be the main hub from which you work from, creating, editing and movement across the map.

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