In collaboration with 'WRLDS' this cute toys to life pet simulator was met with high praise by the company's founders for its innovation, style and more.
NSC Virtual Reality Project
Work was undertaken with an external military contractor to create a VR application using industry standard tools and practices with innovating in new ways.
Wild West Audio Placement Test
Using the Oculus Go headset, patients are transported into a wild west setting with fun music and bright colours. Once the test starts the user is surrounded by 26 balloons, alongside background noise a more prominent spoken word audio track is played from one of the 26 positions the user then simply looks at the balloon.
Virtual Reality for sensory development
This Project looks at sensory development in clients with a range of cognitive impairments. Alongside research it is planned to create a proof of concept framework that takes tried and tested stimuli methods from physical sensory rooms and incorporates them into a virtual world while using state of the art technology such as the HTC Vive and Leap Motion.
PS4 'Particle system'
Built using Sony's orbis SDK in C++, a team of 4 created a simple particle system for PlayStation 4 dev kits using C++ programming and industry standard profiling tools though Visual studio and Neighborhood.
Math's based space flight simulator
A Newtonian space flight simulator built from the ground up within the unity engine using mathematical practices and calculations as opposed to unity's Math library
Gameboy Advance Development
A completely custom built GBA game, made using assembly code with the open source 'Devkit ARM'
Global Game Jam 2016 ‘Ritual’
‘2D side on top down maze arena pitting two teams of two against each other in a fast paced, action packed, ritualistic battle. With a built to purpose game engine, warriors must protect their Shaman whilst collecting items to fuel their Shaman’s power! With the Shaman raining spells upon the enemy, the warrior must attempt to terminate the Shaman foe.’
Unreal Engine: Runner
An Endless Runner style game made inside unreal engine following official tutorials
Public Service Simulator
Public Service Simulator is a Casual Simulation game built for mobile devices built within the Unity engine
Pocket Planet
Pocket Planet is a brand new clicker style mobile game built inside of the Unity engine.
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